Shuttles for Team Akina

Since the Li Ning (Light Blue) were not up to Akina's standards. I've chosen RCL (Blue Green) Since our group is not so happy in paying RM4 for a game, decided to down grade the shuttles back to the ordinary type. Shuttles has been passed to Ah Beh for your pleasure this coming Thursday.

Ah Beh also purchased a new Yonex Bag. The same one as mine for only RM120. I think its an excellent buy. Please let me know what you guys think about the shuttle this time. thanks

Players Profile May 2011

Players Profile May 2011
Chew Chin How - Age 31

Players Profile

Name: Chew Chin How

Age: 31

Hand: Right

Height: Not so tall

Power: Packs a punch when on form

Stamina: Avarage, improving if he goes to Mengkuang for more fitness training

Experience: Played for school and District. Played in Kulim open tournaments and CRC close tournament.

Achivement: MSSK Silver madelist (12 years ago)

Win/lose ratio 2011 : 20/12

Ranking Akina: Seeded 2 or 3rd doubles at all times.

Weapon of Choice: Yonex Nanospeed 9900 (at the moment)

Shoes: Asic gel

2011 Akina Home & Away Jersey's

2011 Akina Home & Away Jersey's

Thursday, April 28, 2011

28th April 2011

Turn out for today's game was overwhelming. 12 people turn out for today's meeting. Great improvement from before. We will be needing another court if this continues.

Our friendly game was cancelled last minute due to unforeseen circumstances, our opponents could not get enough people to play. Well there is always a next time.

We tried the new Li Ning Shuttles today. According to the team they were too fast and the shuttle easily got damaged. So I think I will have to changed them for other brands in the coming few days.

We had the plesure of playing with 2 imports today. Mr Paul and Swee Cun joined to to enhanced the atmosphere. They of corse were tamed by Mr Chew C H and yours truely. Reason for the lost.... Not used to the shuttle (sour grapes)

This will be my last posting till I get back from work in a months time. So till then, keep on enjoying the game and Majulah sukan untuk negara.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Shuttle Cock for the Team

I have obtained some shuttles for but the price was raised to RM72/tube. I hope all team members can understand that due to this, the prices for shuttles for the losing pair will be RM4 instead of RM3/person starting next Thursday.

I could not source for the Yonex shuttles anymore so I got us Li Ning (Blue) instead. In total i got 7 tubes. If no good, we will change for other brands. Hope you guys will like the new shuttles. I myself will be looking forward to play with them.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

April 2011 A New Era for Team Akina

A lot has happened over the passed few months, I must apologize for not updating the blog earlier. Lack of interest has dampened my spirits quite a bit but I'm back now blogging once more.

So what has actually happened over the last 8 months? Well for a start, we merged with another team to make our team bigger and better also better management. We do have a very good team Captain now (Ah Leong) So far no one has complained about the way he manages the team. So I wish him all the best in the future.

So what else is new? We got new "Team Shirts" for 2011. They look really cool and I know everyone that looks at them wish they could have one also. We had each of our names printed at the back and also the team name. Looks very professional even though we are not : ) Most of us manages to grabbed a home and away jersey. The home will be the yellow coloured one while the away jersey would be the black one. This year Li Ning seems to be our major sponsor : )

Team performance has been a high as of today. Akina has played 3 friendly matches so far. Each friendly resulting in a win. So spirits are sky high for our team at the moment. We manage to beat Team Berapit (home - Draw) and (away - Win) Score 2-0 and also beat Team Raja Uda 3-0 (away)

Next week would be our biggest challenge yet. We will be playing a better team for Raja Uda again and hopefully we will come out triumphant. The team has been training hard with attendance almost 100% now. I hope our hard work pays off. So signing off for now.

Akina BOLEH.......

Sunday, July 25, 2010

England Under-16 National Spotted training in Berapit

Recently I spotted a National English player training with Datuk Lee's 1st coach in Berapit. His performance is not to be taken lightly cause I saw him beat a lot of the Juniors in Penang. The English boy is of Asian background. Mother from Malaysia and father from Hong Kong.

I had the pleasure of playing with him during his stay here. Before he started training with his local coach I could still get 6 to 7 points out of him. But after Mr Peng Huat's magic. I could barely get 3 points out of him. This boy really looks determined at his age compared to many of our boys the same age group.

I would expect to see him in the International Circuits in the near future, maybe in 2 to 3 years time. All the best to him and to those that made his stay in Malaysia memorable. A special thank you to Mr Mark Teh for all his help.

Mid 2010, Akina's New Dirrection

It's been a long time since I have updated the blog. The reason is simple, there's just nothing good to update the blog with until today.

Today, 25th July 2010, Team Akina will be having their annual dinner at Macang Bubuk BBQ Restaurant at 8.00pm. Hopefully it will not be cancelled again like before.

Due to irregular turn outs of the past. Team Akina's management has decided to merger with Team ( I can't really remember now) So now our team is much larger. Hopefully we will be in better shape with this merger.

Injury to our team Captain has made him quit his duties as Team Akina's captain. He will be stepping down by the end of this month. All funds will be transferred over to the other teams captain while I do not know yet : ) Akina's financial health is in very good shape and I hope it will be practiced too with the new management.

As of today, our new team will play every Thursdays and Fridays. Fees will be increased due to hike in Petrol and other basic commodities : ( (Joking) Fees are expected to be around RM20/ month. Guest are expected to pay a fee of RM5 - RM8 per session now. No more freebies from now on. Our new team consist of roughly 15 regular players. So If we get any bigger we might have to consider getting another court.

Quality of play of our team has dropped (my own opinion) We need to do something to lift our game. I think there is a friendy game being fixed somewhere in the near future, hopefully that would be a wake up call to us all.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Upseting Month

Last weeks turn out was really unexceptable. I just got back from Miri and to my dismay, I only see 6 players playing in Team Akina's court. If this is going to be the attitude of our team, then, I really dont see a future for us. The team Captain seems to be losing hope already. I dont blame him cause he is already trying his best but the players still dont want to show up.

The team shirts will be really in the next week or so and i'm starting to worry if anyone would actually wear them or even purchase them. Wee need to do sometihng so that we will still have a team next year........... The situation is getting serious now.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Team Akina's T-Shirt

I'm going ahead on the plane to make shirts for the team. After 2 member comments on the shirt, we have decided to chose red as the team colour for 2009. Only the Captain will have the privilege to wear the Platinum colour shirt. The cost at the moment for the shirts is RM34.00. The brand Pro Ace and there will be the teams name on it. According to the supplier, it will take a month for him to supply us with 10 shirts. The total cost will not be more then RM50.00. I'm not sure if 10 pcs is enough. I'm afraid that some might not be able to afford it in these troubled times. Anyway, i do have a rough idea on who wants the shirts already and I'll list down their names below.

1) Ah Ngen x 1 (XL)
2) Ah Cheng x 1 (L)
3) The Yap Brothers x 2 (M)
4) Ah How x 1 (M)
5) Ah Beh x 1 (XL)
6) Ah Pui x 1 (XL)
7) Ah Hui x 1 (XL)
8) Yen Chiang x 1 (L)
9) Myself x 1 (XL)

Any inquiries please get back to me as soon as possible. The shirts are on their way.....................

2011 Team Captain

2011 Team Captain
Ah Leong in full glory

Team Akina Players in Action


Badminton Training Tutorial Free


Master Blogger and Double Motion Specialist

Master Blogger and Double Motion Specialist

Deepavali is over back to playing badminton.

Its been a week filled with food and a lot of eating. Deepavali goodies has just been too good this year. So I thinks ita about time to burn all that food by playing our favourite game. I hope the turn out would be good this Thursday. Last week only a handfull of us turned out due to many unforseen reasons so hopefully this week will be a full house.

Anyway, time to pack up my stuff for tonight and hopefully we will see a big turn out tonight. Catch you guys all later

Ah Cheng and Yap No.2

Ah Cheng and Yap No.2

Ah How and His Wife Having some fun

Ah How and His Wife Having some fun
Give me 2 more shots

Players Profile for the Month of October.

Name: Ah Tiong
Nick Name: Ah Teong
Age: 30+ ( i think)

Playing Style : Defensive. Likes to lambomg the ball and wait
for smashes.

Playing Since : 1993

Which hand prefered: Right handed player.

Racket of Choice: How the hell would the master blogger know

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 70kg +/

Smashing Power: 5/10 (sometimes 6/10)

Defence: 6/10

Overall : 5/10

Ah Tiong

Ah Tiong
Feels like a sauna in here

Ah Tiong Serving

Ah Tiong Serving

Ah Tiong

Ah Tiong
Silent Killer